TLDR for Digital Foundry

Dragon Quest Builders 2

SWITCH DOCKED 1920x1080 7-30 (unlocked)
generally 20-30
Soft Normal
SWITCH PORTABLE 1280x720 7-30 (unlocked)
generally 20-30
Soft Normal
PS4 PRO 1920x1080 17-60 (unlocked)
generally 50-60
Sharp Furthest away

  • SWITCH DOCKED and PORTABLE have similar performance profile, and generally hovers around 20-30fps delivering relatively smooth gameplay. Only bogged-down by certain user-generated level to 7 fps.
  • PS4 PRO delivers the best performance at 50-60 fps but can go down to 17 fps when taxed with certain user-generated map.
  • ALL PLATFORMS delivers similar visual quality with Nintendo Switch look a wee bit less sharp and detailed in the distance.

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