TLDR for Digital Foundry

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered

  • Switch, undocked: Enable "quality" mode to get the most stable gameplay experience with good enough visual quality.
  • Xbox One X: Performance mode delivers silky-smooth and responsive gameplay with relatively sharp visual. Quality mode deliver sharp 4K and smooth gameplay.
  • PS4 Pro: Manually set the system video output to 1080p to enjoy silky-smooth and responsive gameplay.
  • PC: Supports ultrawide display resolution, 250fps max framerate.

    SWITCH PORTABLE 360p-576p 30
    576p quality mode 30
    SWITCH DOCKED 792p-900p ~30
    900p quality mode <30
    PS4 PRO 1080p system video res 60
    4K quality mode <30
    XBOX 1X 1800p 60
    4k quality mode 30

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