TLDR for Digital Foundry

F1 2019

  • Xbox One X: Reconstructed 4K delivers sharp visual across the distance with good image quality thanks to TAA and motion blur. Silky-smooth and responsive gameplay.
  • Xbox One: Reconstructed 1080p delivers relatively sharp visual with shadows and reflections that a bit worse than X1X. Smooth and responsive gameplay, albeit unstable.
  • PS4 Pro: Reconstructed 1800p delivers sharp visual with silky-smooth and responsive gameplay, albeit unstable in a certain tracks.
  • PS4: True 1080p delivers sharper visual than X1. Silky-smooth and responsive gameplay, albeit unstable.

    X1X Reconstructed 3840x2160 60
    X1 Reconstructed 1920x1080 50-60
    PS4 PRO Reconstructed 3200x1800 50-60
    PS4 1920x1080 50-60

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